The Avanza Surabaya car rental price is IDR 450,000, including driver. Currently, the most popular ones are because the Avanza car is luxurious enough for the middle class with cheap rental prices in its class. Normal capacity is for 6 passengers, including the driver, if the passengers are not too big, it can accommodate 8 people. The Avanza is very fuel efficient and the vehicle's comfort is unmatched in its class. The number 1 best-selling car rental currently in Surabaya is also the record holder for the best-selling car rental throughout Indonesia.

The price for renting an Avanza car in Surabaya is competitive with vehicles in its class, namely IDR 450,000, including the driver, not including petrol, tolls and parking. For the all-in package, it depends on pick-up and destination. Use outside the city, as long as it is still in East Java. Radius is more than 200 km Rp. 500,000, the difference in price is petrol and tolls. if it exceeds 200 Km, the price is IDR 500,000 per day but if it is more than 2 days, the price remains IDR 450,000 per day. The rear seat of the Avanza car can be folded for luggage. Recleaning the passenger seat provides a comfortable position for the passenger to adjust the comfortable sitting position. The middle and rear seats also use recleaning seats. The Toyota Avanza Veloz also has a lot of changes. From the body or exterior it looks even sweeter and the interior is black so it looks calm while the engine uses double injection so acceleration and top speed increase but one thing is important and don't forget, the fuel must use a minimum of 92 octane because the Avanza is designed to use the 92 octane available. on Pertamax Gasoline. According to Surabaya car rental experience, it is even better if you use 98 octane, which is found in Pertamax Turbo petrol. Acceleration increases and top speed also increases. Car security from theft is increasingly becoming more sophisticated. The car cannot use fake keys so instead of the original key, the alarm will sound. When the alarm is active, you cannot open the hood of the machine or the box where the goods are held because the alarm will sound. Any suspicious vibration will set off an alarm. Due to its sophistication, the Avanza is starting to rank first among the people's most popular cars in its class. Usually we forget to turn off the headlights when stopping, but don't worry about the new 2017 Avanza because the lights will automatically turn themselves off after the engine stops and you start to open the door and the lights will only come back on after you use the key in the ON position. The brakes already use the ABS system (anti-lock braking system). Its function is to control the car when the brakes are fully pressed, in our terms "brakes are dead" if you don't use ABS brakes the tires will be locked and the vehicle's speed will be uncontrolled resulting in a collision with an object that we are avoiding but If we use ABS brakes we can still control the car, the stopping distance is shorter, if the car has not stopped and there is a collision, you can avoid going sideways, this is the advantage of ABS brakes. It can still be controlled even when emergency braking. What about the Xenia Car? Actually it's the same, in fact I heard news that Toyota only sells Daihatsu's Xenia cars under the Avanza brand. So the owner is Daihatsu, I also heard that Daihatsu is owned by Toyota. In the car rental market, Daihatsu's Xenia is also as popular as the Avansa, but what renters ask for is usually the Avansa, so we launched the Xenia. So far there have been no protests or complaints because they think they are the same. Surabaya car rental Joserentcar always provides friendly service. Why do many people rent Avanza? The main reason is to rent a prestigious car at a low price which is easy to get at every car rental and can take the whole family. The fuel is so economical that families who don't have a car can rent an Avanza for family or business purposes. Before leaving using a rental car, there are several important things you must check. Check the condition of the tires, suitable thickness and wind conditions. If necessary, measure the air pressure of all tires, including the spare tire. Check the condition of the brakes and brake fluid. Also pay attention when the car brakes at medium speed. If the car brakes, it runs to the left or right, immediately ask for another one because it endangers your life and that of your family. Oil is no less important than anything else. open the hood and pull out the oil controller. make sure it is in the position between the bottom and top lines, more in the position of the top control line. Check the radiator water. Open the radiator cap when the radiator water is cold. If you have to, you want to open the radiator cap when it is hot, use a rather thick cloth then stick it to the radiator cap and turn it slightly so that the hot air comes out. After the hot air comes out, slowly open the cover. Check all the front, rear and sign lights. In every city, the Avanza car rental price is the same, namely IDR 250,000 per day without a driver. For rental use with a driver, prices are different, depending on the distance to the destination and length of use. Always make sure you rent a car from a rental that prioritizes service because every time there is damage on the road, you can replace it with a replacement car. Safety on the road also lies in the driver's skill and always being careful. Surabaya car rental Joserentcar always prioritizes road safety. Currently in 2020, the Avanza Surabaya Car Rental is still the best-selling car and is ranked first on Joserentcar as the best-selling car with the ability to run on all terrains for its class. The Avanza car is most popular because the vehicle's capabilities are suitable for the Indonesian terrain. Currently, in 2019 many Avanza class small cars use front wheel drive so they have problems going up sharp hills when it rains, especially when there are corners and traffic jams. Front-wheel drive cars will have problems because the wheels will slip and endanger lives. The Avanza car has the advantage of using rear wheel drive. Even though the Avanza car is not four wheel drive or not 4 x 4, it is driven using the rear wheels so it is very suitable for the road conditions in Indonesia which are not flat. Renting a car in Surabaya will definitely travel on flat roads, mountains, village roads, muddy roads and even roads. foggy because tenants have different goals and directions. The Avanza car is very suitable for the terrain in Indonesia so that to date the Avanza car is still the best-selling car in Surabaya car rental. Joserentcar How to maintain an Avanza car. To increase knowledge, we will review tips on how to regularly maintain an Avanza car because each car has its own weaknesses and strengths or there are things you need to pay attention to: AC Filter. This filter is rarely cleaned by Avanza car owners because the place is hidden, even though the filter gets dirty very quickly. The place is in the box in front of the left passenger. How to open, open the box as usual then lift one side so that it comes out of place, and so does the other side. Inside there is an AC blower. On the left side you can see the filter opener. Pull it slowly, don't open it straight away, but open it a little first, then pull it to the left. Once you see the filter, pull the filter and remember the top side and bottom side then clean the filter so it is really clean. To clean, use an air compressor. Make sure the compressor air is not too loud because the mesh used is not as hard as the air filter on the machine. Once clean, put the gauze back in place and don't forget that the top side and bottom side must remain in position. Close the filter cover again and return the box lid to its original state. If it is not clear, you can call 085 230 000 053, we are ready to help. The seat or seat bolts on Avanza cars are often loose or loose. The way to find out, when you are driving alone without a passenger, pay attention to the sound of the seat. If there is a damaged seat, the bolts usually start to loosen. Look for the origin of the sound then check the bolts. Don't replace the lamp hubcaps with a higher wattage because the lamp glass and lamp cables on the Avanza car have been designed to use standard ones from the factory. Usually owners change folk lamp hubcaps with more watts, the standard is 19 watts. This can cause the cable to heat and start a fire, the lamp glass can change color to yellow. Use the wattage according to factory standards. Don't use too much paint shine on the paint because the car paint on the Avanza is very thin. If you rub too much, the paint will become thin and even the original paint surface will disappear. When you wash your car really determines the shine of the paint in the long term. How to wash a car. If the car is very dirty because it has been in the rain, spray the car with water so that the dirt comes down, don't use high pressure. use a regular pump. After the dirt has come down, the jamgam is immediately wiped dry or wiped with any type of cloth to avoid remaining dirt which could cause the paint to scratch. Spray evenly with special car soap, wipe using a soft but wide brush. Once you have finished brushing evenly, spray with water to remove any remaining soap that is still attached to the car body. Clean it using a kanibo so that the remaining water doesn't stick and form paint mold. The oil filter is not too expensive, only IDR 25,000. Change the oil filter every time you change the oil because this trivial thing really determines the long-term strength of the engine. It is recommended that you have your own oil filter opening tool. This tool costs only IDR 30,000. Buy oil at an official oil sales place such as Pertamina to avoid fake oil. In 2019, the Avanza car started to face competition in terms of sales from the Mitsubishi Expander, but for renting a car in Surabaya, the Avanza is still number 1, unrivaled. To remain competitive with its competitors, Avanza launched the latest product, introduced on January 15 2019, the new Avanza 2019 has officially been launched. Changes are found in the front and rear grilles. For the engine, we still use the Avanza Grand New. The AC settings are digital, there is a car charger socket on the passenger seat. The Avanza car still has an advantage over the Expander, namely being able to climb sharp inclines while cornering sharp corners.

In 2023, Avanza will release a new car with front-wheel drive or FWD. This is very different from the Avanza RWD or rear drive. Front drive prioritizes flat roads, not all terrain